Comfortable outdoor living spaces in The Villages® Community

Authority Home Solutions has been the leading provider for awnings in the area. We think sunshine is great, but we also understand that it can sometimes get in the way of enjoying your backyard, patio or that deck you worked so hard on. In those summer months when the sun can be relentless, you can beat the heat with our amazing selection of retractable awning styles that can add value to your home and provide a number of benefits including:

Lowering energy costs by protecting glass doors and windows from heat

Protecting outdoor plants from over exposure from the sun

Providing shelter from extreme heat or dreary rainy days

You can choose from a number style options for your retractable awning. Automatic or Manual Authority Home Solutions gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to providing comfort in style you’ll love.

Sunshine in the Community

The Villages® Community is quickly growing with lots of activities you wouldn’t think this sunny little retirement community would provide. Places like the Spanish Springs Town Square provide nightly live music and food that everyone can enjoy.

One of the perk’s that brings the equestrian excitement to the area is the year round sunshine! However, we understand how that sunshine can easily turn on comfort and homes. That is why customers in The Villages ® Community value having a retractable awning on their home to get through the hottest of days.

Keeping Your Backyard Cool

Authority Home Solution’s SunSetter® retractable awnings provide relief all year long. Start enjoying your days outside and protect your family, pets, and plants from harmful UV rays. Our customized awnings can help cool your deck or patio 20—40 degrees during the summer months in The Villages ® Community.

We’ve also all seen those electric bills in the summer. Yikes! Keeping your windows and doors shaded on those intense days can end up saving you a bit of money. There really is no downside to installing a retractable awning on your home.

Life in The Villages® Community

Now that you’re going to save all that money after installing a stylish retractable awning from Authority Home Solutions, you can now enjoy more of the place you live in. The Villages Community ® has a number of excellent places to visit with family and friends.

Installing a retractable awnings can be one of the best decisions you can make to upgrade your home in The Villages® Community. Start enjoying the benefits and savings today!


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